Saturday, 1 November 2014

Child Rights

Poem Dated: 15.01.95

So much has been said about it
And so much spoken
And yet the picture is the same
Because anything is hardly done

We may see a little girl begging
Or maybe a vendor boy in rags
Yet we shoo him away like a cat or a dog
Because to buy his wares, us he nags

What we don't realize is this
That how much trouble they have to go through
To earn their daily two rupees,
What, what they have to do.

Or there may be a mentally retarded child,
Kept off, shunned in society
Just because he can't walk or talk
Or behave normally like you or me.

These are only a few examples
In this world there are millions of children
Who are deprived even of their basic rights
They can't enjoy or have fun.

Lets put ourselves for a moment
In these unfortunate children's place
See how it is to be exploited, neglected, shunned
To be abused on the face?

Lets pause for a moment and think about them,
Some rights they have too
Rights to freedom, protection and self respect
Rights to have fun and enjoy, just like we do.

They too want love and support
Protection from exploitation, injustice and abuse
They want the right to education,food and shelter
The right to express their views.

Its time we realize this
And come together as one
Show them that we are there
See that something for them is done.

We have been the lucky ones
And thankful to God for that we should be
We are blessed by a home, have parents to love and care
So kind to us has been the Almighty

But these unfortunate children, they can't do anything
They are helpless, they can only plead
So it is up to us now
To realize that attention and love they need

We don't have to do great things,
Just help them in out small ways
A little help from us would really,
Make happier and brighter their days.

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